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*SALE* Mi Lan Xiang Dancong (Honey Orchid)

*SALE* Mi Lan Xiang Dancong (Honey Orchid)

Origin:  Wudong, China
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This Mi Lan Xiang is from Shenya village in Wudong Mountain, around 600-700 meters high above the sea level.

Well-selected the small arbors trees in Shenya with ages around 50-70 years old; this tea has very good Chaqi, delicate & soft tea taste mixed with natural honey & floral fragrance in the tea liquid as well. Rich mouth feeling, smooth & deep throat feeling (good Chaqi aspect) with lingering after taste sweetness.

All of our Honey orchid & yellow sprig Dancongs are high-roasted by the traditional Charcoal method; so these two new teas, their charcoal aroma will disappear after 2nd infusion; then comes out the lovely floral or Gardenia aroma.

Made by skillful tea farmer; after 4-5 times of infusion, the tea leaves are still quite twisted and tight together, which is a good sign of high mountain, good-processed teas. After repeated infusion over 4-8 times, its floral aroma & sweet taste is still there.


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