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Jin Jun Mei Lapsang Golden Eyebrow

Jin Jun Mei Lapsang Golden Eyebrow

Origin:  China
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This premium Jin Jun Mei Lapsang Golden Eyebrow holds the distinction of being the world's rarest Lapsang black tea, and is subject to incredibly strict growing and picking standards to ensure its consistency and quality.

Jin Jun Mei Lapsang Golden Eyebrow comes from a rare species of primitive wild tea that grows at an altitude of 1500-1800 metres in the National Natural Conservation Area of China's Wuyi Mountain. It must be picked before Tomb-sweeping day, and is highly labour-intensive to gather. A skilled tea picker can pluck around 2,000 buds per day, however, almost 60,000 buds are required to produce 500g of this Jin Jun Mei Lapsang Golden Eyebrow tea! This means that it takes at least 29 days for one tea picker to pick enough buds to produce just 500g of the finished tea product, which consists of slender, tightly curled gold-black leaves and tips.

Following the strictly regulated hand processing procedure for Bohea Lapsang tea that is adhered to in the native area, Jin Jun Mei Lapsang Golden Eyebrow has its own unique and venerable characteristics, producing a bright golden tea liquor with a rich and aromatic fruit, flower and honey flavor with hints of potato.


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