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*SALE* White Strawberry Sassafras

*SALE* White Strawberry Sassafras

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What could be more enticing than fresh, juicy and fragrant strawberries and the heady aromas of root beer and sassafras? Our White Strawberry Sassafras is hard to beat! This modern innovation is definitely a tea to try if you fancy something a little different.

A well balanced blend of high grade green and white teas provide the body of the tea, before melting into mid notes of exotic cinnamon, liquorice, ginger, rhubarb root, allspice and stevia. Top notes of succulent apples, schizandra berries, dogwood fruit, hibiscus and strawberry ensure that this tea really packs a juicy fruit punch to follow up on the spice!

Perfect to enjoy either served hot, or chilled over ice on those warm summer days.

Ingredients: white tea, green tea, dogwood fruit, hibiscus, cinnamon, schizandra berries, apple, licorice, rhubarb root, ginger, allspice, strawberry, stevia
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